When & why: fairway woods

Rhys Harry Head PGA Professional Tenby Golf Club

You might be stood on a tee box looking at a tight fairway and thinking ‘I need to play it safe’, or you could be on a fairway and needing extra distance to reach a faraway green. Either way, if you can confidently pull out your fairway wood then you’ll have the answer. It might be easier said than done, but this solution could change that.

An easy decision, more confidence and better course management...

The more speed created at impact, the more distance you’ll get on the shot. With low centre of gravity in there, you’ll also have high, forgiving launch. The fact that PING has figured out the most effective way of doing this is amazing.

PING G Le2 Fairway Woods
PING G Le2 Fairway Woods

The G Le2 ladies’ fairway woods have a thin, fast face that generates the ball speed & distance you want, along with high MOI (read 'lots of forgiveness') & low centre of gravity to get the ball in the air on target. Suddenly the decision to give your fairway wood a whack is a lot easier and more exciting!

To give yourself an easy decision, more confidence and better course management, you can learn more about which of these models is best for you by clicking the button below.

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